sonic is an interesting game because in 1991! sega gensis this is the first sonic game(sonic the hedgehog)was born and in 1992! ANOTHER sonic game was born! sonic the hedgehog 2! with a new game sonic by himself has something to talk about the new character MILES PROWER THE FOX is this 8 year old fox is a big help to sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic the hedgehog 2 is a good game for children about 7 8 9 and 10 year olds! but we are going back to tails! his MAD UP NAME is TAILS THE FOX! sega is a good station any way sonic the hedgehog (sega) made the new name for tails! but in the old school (old) games and shows of sonic the hedgehog a.k.a (as known as) sonic was supost to make the name! on to sonic the hedgehog 3 1994! (from sega) a new sonic friend he is not realy sonics friend. his name is knuckles the ENCHIDA a no one realy knows about enchidas but ME ok back to knuckles the enchida! but the fact about him that he is THE ONLY ENCHIDA in the classic games (old games)okback to what we were talking about!.Ok knuckles the enchida is a bad guy he works for dr. robotnink (dr. eggman!) we are not going to get into dr. robotnik (dr. eggman) ok.Sonic 4! in 2011!!! ok a new writer is going to tell us about the new game and after sonic 4 theres going to be a my mystery games!!! from 2008 and 2011 and 2012! ok now back with the newest sega classics!!! hello my name dz stands for derek ziegenhorn. by the way me the other sega master.Nick ziegenhorn now back to dz knuckles fan!. hi. im here to tell you about sonic genarations! 2011! you can play as modern sonic or classic sonic!. im so exited!!. sonic genaratons brings back the old and new sonic games. i am done. 2008 sega turns into a nice game. sonic heroes. play as 3 characters even if you are playing by yourself! three teams three carachtacters. team sonic team dark team chaotix. this has been a lesson for sonic fans and serious sonic fans.