Sonic and Amy: The Movie is a fanmade movie, still in the making, about Amy Rose and her son, Sonic Junior. When finished, it could possibly go to YouTube in separate clips. If it does, it will be uploaded by YT user AmyRoseCute, whose account has actually existed longer than their Sonic Wikia one.


  • Amelia "Amy" Rose is the main character in this movie, despite never being the main character in any official Sonic the Hedgehog media. Despite being only 16, (each character is a year older in this movie) Amy has just had a baby boy and named it Sonic Junior after his father, Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Nick "Sonic" Maurice Hedgehog Jr. is Sonic and Amy's son.
  • Nick "Sonic" Maurice Hedgehog is the father of Sonic Jr. and love life of Amy Rose. Being only 18, Sonic prayes that he.
  • Cuzco Knuckles is the last surviving Echidna and guardian of the Master Emerald. At the beginning of the movie, while trying to defend it from Shadow, Knuckles accidentally makes a scratch on the Master Emerald.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog is the antagonist of the movie's opening. For some reason, he wants to destroy the Master Emerald.


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On another day, 4/8/2014, guarding the Master Emerald, Knuckles the Echidna is sleeping in front of the shrine on Angel Island when Shadow the Hedgehog arrives using Chaos Control. Shadow tells Knuckles he wants to destroy the Master Emerald, and Knux does his best to defend it from Shadow's chaotic attacks. Suddenly, he accidentally scratches the Master Emerald, causing it to zap energy onto a speck of dust floating by.

The speck of dust lands in a certain location, {which has not yet been decided} causing a city to build up there in a couple of nanoseconds (billionths of 1 second). Amy Rose moves there, having her baby born and named him Sonic Jr.

Amy Rose becomes temporarily unable to move because she dislocated her bones after falling off trying to get up and had to go to a chiropractor.

The father, Sonic the Hedgehog, has sworn to defend Amy's rights when he heard the news Sonic Junior's Birth